Vision Screen Printers

High Performance Screen Printers

SJ Innotech Screen printers have an unrivalled international pedigree that sets them above their competition in many areas but especially in reliability, flexibility and ingenuity. With many thousands of units installed globally the South Korean based manufacturer have worked successfully for many years in the PCB assembly sector as well as several others. All SJ Innotech printers come with underscreen cleaning and 2D inspections as standard but they also have several variants that offer large board size printing, perfect for the LED sector as well as 3D post print inspection including industry 4.0 capability. With a common spare part usage across all machines future support is very easy for these machines and has enabled them to become a flag ship product in the Detech Europe portfolio.


3D Inspection Screen Printers

SJ Innotech have the latest in printing technology combined with 3D inspection on their HP520SPI screen printer. The system has all the usual robust screen printing technology backed up by a tried and tested 3D solder paste inspection module. This inspection process has the ability to feed information directly back to the printer to adjust several parameters to keep the consistency of the printed PCBs to the highest level possible. This industry 4.0 ready printer has a second to none performance rate while not overly sacrificing print speeds.