All Placement machines require a range of robust, reliable and flexible component pick up nozzles. Mirae more than takes care of these needs by offering not just all of the standard nozzles that are expected to cover components from 0201 passives to 54mm sq QFP`s, but by also offering an extensive range of specialised and leading edge varients.

As the SMT connector has developed over the last decade so has Miraes nozzle range to cover their placement, these nozzles now enable the user to place nearly every type of connector using the automated benefits of the Mirae mounters combined with their slot and gripper nozzle system. As a leading supplier of LED testing systems worldwide Mirae have the ability to have the very latest in nozzle technology to deal with this ever increasing range of components.

These nozzles enable correct and efficient placement of what are quite often very expensive and difficult parts to place. Mirae also offer a quick development turnaround on 99% of components due to a dedicated R&D department.

For a more detailed list of Mirae nozzles please refer to the nozzle datasheet below.