The Mirae MX200/MX200L/MX200P/MX200LP systems are aimed to provide companies with a modular, low-mid volume step in electronics manufacturing.

The 200 range is split into two main types of system: The MX200/200L is a single gantry six head system that offers IPC component placement speeds of 21,000 CPH, this system is designed to place components ranging of 0201 to 18mm. The system has two variants, the MX200 which has an 80 slot feeder capacity with a largest board width capability of 410mm x 460mm x 5.0mm and the MX200L which has a 100 slot feeder capability and a the possibility of a largest board size of 680mm x 460mm x 5.0mm. Both of these machines are a perfect accompaniment to either the MX100P or MX200P machines. The MX200P/200LP are single gantry machines with a mix of four modular and two precision heads. The system is designed as a highly flexible addition to existing line capacity and a complimentary partner to higher volume systems. Although offering IPC component placement speeds of 15,000 CPH makes the machines more than capable of running as a single machine solution.

The MX200P and MX200LP only differ like the MX200/MX200L above by their feeder slot capability and board handling size.

Both are available with either fixed feeder base or detachable feeder base carts as well as offering a feeder range from 8mm to 88mm.