The Mirae MX100/100P systems are aimed to provide companies with an initial step into fully automated and high accuracy placement. The MX100 range is split into two types of system:

The MX100 is a single gantry four head system that offers IPC component placement speeds of 14,000 CPH, this system is designed to place a component range of 0201 to 18mm. The system offers the same technology as its larger siblings but at an entry level price. The MX100 is a perfect answer to a companies need to add capacity to an existing flexible mounter technology line on a restricted budget. The MX100P is a single gantry dual precision head machine. The system is designed for people new to SMT placement and also as a highly flexible addition to existing line capacity. Whilst this system offers IPC component placement speeds of 8,000 CPH it offers an extremely wide window of flexibility giving the user the capability to place 0201 components as well as large BGA,QFP and SMT connectors.

Both machines offer an 80 feeder slot capacity (8mm basis) and offer a feeder range between 8mm and 88mm. Both are available with either fixed feeder base or detachable feeder base carts.