New Benchtop Wave Solder and Reflow Systems.

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Detech Europe Limited have launched their new range of wave solder and benchtop reflow systems aimed at the lower volume manufacturer. This will soon be combined with the new Reprint entry level solder paste printing solution being launched at the National Electronics Week show being held at the Birmingham NEC on the 18th/19th April 2012.

The LFS range of wave soldering equipment allows processing of up to 350mm wide PCBs on a benchtop machine that is less than1600mm in length, the machine boast the need for between only 75/85kg of soldering material and has a full titanium solder pot,with either spray or foam flux options available. These machines start from just under £10,000 and are the perfect solution to companies that require wave soldering capability but without the high running costs caused by larger machines power and material requirements.

Added benefits such as single phase power requirements and a closed loop return soldering system come as standard with this unit that has always had ROI at the heart of its conception. The LR range of surface mount reflow ovens offers very similar benefits to the LFS range, giving users 4 zones of controlled heating in less than 1600mm length while still been able to reflow 350mm wide PCBs.

This system has adjustable top and bottom full forced air convection heaters, a durable mesh belt and is available in either single or 3 phase power options. Starting at under £5,000 including full installation, warranty and spares pack it is a very effective, cost contained solution for lower volume SMT manufacturers



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