The Mirae MX350 is a truly flexible system specifically aimed at European manufacturers to provide a very cost effective high mix capability. The MX350 offers a side by side gantry system that gives the user six head high speed chip shooter on the first and dual precision placement heads on the second.

The MX350 boasts a large 160 slot capacity while still being capable of speeds up to IPC standard 29,000 CPH. Board sizes still range from 50mm x 50mm x 0.4mm to 410mm x 460mm x 5.0mm. The MX350 offers the best of both worlds due to speed and feeder capacity as well as offering the opportunity to have a Mirae 20 tray handling unit (TF5) installed, enabling high mixes of larger BGA, QFP and connectors. The system can also be configured to run on fixed bases, detachable feeder carts or a mix of both. This flexible option means that companies with a high mix of low volume products can run multiple configurations already setup on the one machine keeping changeover times to an absolute minimum.

As well as offering a feeder range from 8mm to 88mm the Mirae MX350 comes complete with offline balancing software so that while one job is running another can be made ready for production.