Pick and Place Machines

MX Series

The Mirae MX Series offers one of the best return on investment solutions for surface mount component placement in the world. Established for over 10 years the MX range of machines has a well proven pedigree and over 1500 installations worldwide. From the entry level MX100/MX100P to the 80,000CPH  MX800 chip shooter, the Mirae MX range combine precision linear motors with unrivalled reliability complete with a full windows 7 user interface. Feeder sizes from 8mm to 88mm enable users to place component sizes of 01005 all the way up to large 80mm long surface mount connectors. Offline programming, optimisation and feeder loading combined with robust feeder trolley systems allow for quick change over and maximum utilisation of your investment in one of the best placement machine available in todays electronics manufacturing sector.

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MR Series

The MR Series of placement systems are built on the solid foundations laid by their established MX Range. The MR pushes the Mirae mounter forward with the very latest in linear drive technology as well as the latest developed modular and precision head design from Mirae. The MR series has new styling and added flexibility to allow many custom configurations while still offering the reliability of the MX series. Introduced into Europe over the last 36 months the MR is now becoming an established placement option for small/flexible and volume users alike.

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MAI Series

The Mirae MAI Series is the latest series of machines from Mirae offering true odd form placement for all mix technology assemblers around the world. Fully customisable the MAI systems have many features such as force feed back heads and both camera/laser vision alignment systems to allow the insertion of many of the through hole technology (THT) components that still used today. This combined with the ability to still place surface mount components make the MAI one of the leaders in its class, the cost effective price of the system make it an untouchable ROI and a true world leader. The ability to use bowl, radial, axial, tray and stick feeders mean that many manually placed components can be automated to improve reliability as well as throughput.

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Mirae Extras


Detech have worked with Mirae to offer many accessories for all the three main placement systems. There are the obvious, feeders, tray handlers and trolleys combined with items such as offline loading stations, feeder storage carts and manual tray feeders. Mirae also offer many different nozzles for specialised components and also offer a full design service for new and unusual components.

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Feeder Types

There are several feeder types that work with Mirae machines and Detech can offer all of them as new and used.

The main stay over the last ten years have been the Mirae Chasmo feeders, Detech offer these as fully refurbished in sizes from 8mm to 72mm, these feeders maybe used but are covered by Detech warranty as well as been fully calibrated and serviced before shipping. These feeders work on the upgraded MPS machines as well as the Mirae MX series.

The latest design, the eX-Feeder, are available new and refurbished and are still produced in sizes 8mm to 88mm. These feeders work on both the MX and MR Series machines.


Other feeders such as manual tray and vibratory feeders are also available.

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Nozzle Types

All Placement machines require a range of robust, reliable and flexible component pick up nozzles. Mirae more than takes care of these needs by offering not just all of the standard nozzles that are expected to cover components from 0201 passives to 54mm sq QFP`s, but by also offering an extensive range of specialised and leading edge varients.

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Software Solutions

Mirae Machine Software provides an easy to use graphical user interface and efficient programming functions to manage high volume and complex production. This package consists of the machine control software, real-time vision software, GUI software and optimization software. These software packages are installed on the machine to enable an independent programming and production on a machine.(Component database editing, optimization of placement sequences, and production.) Mirae machine software is not only easy to use, but also designed to maximize flexibility and mass production. Software works on MS Windows environment.

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