Inspection Systems

Merlin Benchtop System

Hi-Res benchtop system, Merlin, offers a 5MP camera with a telecentric lens to give the user incredible inspection flexibility. The usual high level software you would expect in todays market is present with our full 64bit windows 10 compatible user interface. The ability to capture almost any know fault combined with a very agressive price point make this an industry leader in more than one way. LRD combines all of its systems with our tried and tested rework system with complete traceability solutions to give any user a complete picture of their manufacturing process. With costings starting at under £20,000 and its development roots being over 10 years of tried and tested systems, the Prey By Detech Merlin requires further inspection!

Falcon Inline Inspection System

Flagship inspection system, the Detech Falcon offers all the capabilities of machines at more than twice the cost. A Full inline camera based system with the ability to inspect almost any component. The Falcon combines excellent mechanical stability with the latest windows 10 64bit software to give a truly unique inspection solution found anywhere in today’s global market. With the Prey software interface the user gets a system that is designed by people who have both worked with inspection systems and in manufacturing for many years. The Detech Falcon is offered at under £40,000 making it one of the most complete value packages available in today’s market.