Entry level Kite system offers full inspection of assembled PCBs for under a £10,000 price point.

The system offers first off article inspection as well as full traceability for faults combined with barcode recognition.

This unit is ideal for people to make a first step into automated inspection, it will basically do all tests that are not solder fillet related.

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The Osprey system offers users an inline scan based solution that can work either pre or post reflow.

The Osprey gives the ability to check every PCB before the assembly reaches the reflow oven, this enables the problem of rework for wrong component, bad polarity etc to be corrected before it becomes an additional soldering process.

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Hi-Res benchtop system, Merlin, offers a 5MP camera with a telecentric lens to give the user incredible inspection flexibility.

The usual high level software you would expect in today’s market is present with our full Windows 10 64bit user interface.

Combined with a barcode scanner and our full rework suite the Merlin offers a total benchtop solution to your benchtop requirements from in £20,000.

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Flagship inspection system, LRD Falcon, offers all the capabilities of machines more than twice the cost.

A Full inline camera based system with the ability to inspect almost any component. The Falcon combines excellent mechanical stabilty with the latest unique inspection solution found anywhere in today’s global market.

Complete with a fully functional Windows 10 64-bit incredibly user friendly software and offline programming, the Falcon is a need to be seen system for its amazing starting price of under £40,000.

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